Why Lindsay Lohan’s Downfall Was Totally Deserved

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We’ve all heard the cautionary tale about Lindsay Lohan, the teen actress who had it all and then squandered it away on numerous drug arrests and D.U.I.s. But despite her numerous mess-ups, many still quietly root for her “comeback.” What’s funny, however, is that Lindsay has had several comebacks over the years, from her role in The Canyons to her own reality show on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN. None of those projects panned out well for her, so now MTV is giving her a third chance to win back her former glory with a new reality show. But what people don’t seem to realize is that Lindsay isn’t entitled to all these chances. Judging by her past behavior, her current career (or what’s left of it) is exactly what she deserves. Although I wish her health, happiness, and definitely harbor no ill will, here’s why you (and the whole entertainment industry) should reconsider giving her any more support.


She’s entitled.


She’s a liar.


She’s lashes out at other actresses out of jealousy.


She’s a kleptomaniac.


She’s a “nightmare” on set.


She’s a mean boss.


She screws over the people who give her second chances.


Her charity work is weird, self-serving.


She’s “mean.”


She’s manipulative.


She’s just “plain bad.”

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