This Person Helps Their Girlfriend With Her Depression With A Jar Full Of Popsicle Sticks

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Depression is a mental health issue a lot of people are struggling with, and finding ways to get through depressive episodes can be a challenge. This story about someone supporting their girlfriend through her tough times is warming a lot of Internet hearts right now.

Reddit user bovadeez posted a picture of a DIY mental health booster on Imgur, and it’s pretty amazing.

They openly admit it is an idea they saw somewhere else online, but have adapted it to suit their girlfriend’s needs.

First, there’s a jar of color coded popsicle sticks:

With a key that explains what each one means.

They’re things like “quotes” or “reminders” or “ways to relax.”

So, when she’s feeling down she can look at the code and think about what will help in the moment and pull out a stick of the right color to look at:

People are really touched by the care that went into making this project:

As the OP explains, sometimes someone needs more than words; they need an example of how they’re cared for to break through to them:

And wants to spread the word:

While this system might not be something everyone would find helpful, it’s still an acknowledgement of what a person with depression is going through. Plenty of people in the comments have been there, and wish they could have received as much compassion and understanding.

Bovadeez also got into more detail about what’s on those popsicle sticks, if you’re curious:

There are a lot of ways to help people with depression, aside from encouraging them to seek help from a medical professional. Sometimes just listening and supporting them instead of minimizing their problems is enough. But if you have a jar and a hundred popsicle sticks, this is a great idea.

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