This Guy Has Been Messing With Scammers For Ages And Just Keeps Getting Better At It

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Twitter user @KrangTNelson is known for his bizarre sense of humor, leftist ideals, and seemingly endless time that he devotes to his beloved platform. He also has a huge following, which seems to attract a very specific sort of scammer in his Direct Messages. Fake hot ladies looking for love (and iTunes gift cards).

So @KrangTNelson has made something of a game of it, and enjoys sharing the results. Generally, the scammers react with bafflement followed by rage, but it’s undeniably very very funny:

Here @KrangTNelson admits to being divorced and very sad. If only a super hot lady would cheer him up for a few hundred dollars!

Nice enough interaction, but things escalated.

He ended up dragging his dog into it.

Love can’t last if you bring up your dog’s anus before you’ve ever even met:

Sometimes @KrangTNelson tries to be romantic.

The scammers hate it:

You have to wonder how disconnected form reality these scammers are that they can hold a fairly lucid conversation without realizing that the person on the other end is trolling them hard.

But who cares, it’s funny for us:

Hey, maybe there is love out there, but you will definitely not find it by sliding into Krang’s DMs.

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