These Are the Secrets Your Office Doesn’t Want You to Know, According to People Who Work There

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Offices are… interesting places. You spend 40 hours of the week there, try to be friendly with your coworkers while attempting to maintain a handle on office politics that don’t involve you (on the DL, obviously) — all so you can tell yourself you’re definitely “plugged in” to your work culture. 

And the longer you stay in any place, the more complex and convoluted those politics get. Maybe it all started when you found the secret closet no one uses and set up a pile of jackets and blankets to innocently nap there mid-afternoon. But then all of a sudden, you heard your coworker flirting with your boss, and the lady from HR saying mean things behind your back — and now your 9-to-5 has turned into a sitcom that you can’t tell anyone about.

Below, workers with office secrets finally found a spot to spill all their beans. Thank God! This is the workday drama we didn’t know we needed.


A lot goes on at schools after the last bell rings…


Just when you were thinking casinos couldn’t get any more depressing…


No hotel is spared.


This could have been really bad…


Offices are so messed up…


Well, now you know…


I would watch a show about these military love triangles.


I hope everyone who works here reads this and starts going out together.


If you work in an office, the IT guy probably knows more about your online practices than you think.


I’d bet a lot of bosses do this…


“Walls have ears” is *especially* true in the workplace.


Don’t hate me, veggies, but this happens much more often than you’d think.


Not a good look when you find out the NGO you work for is pulling this…


This angry manager needs to be put in her place.


You’ll feel the wrath of HR’s revenge…


Maybe it’s not the right time to kick that habit, after all.


Now, this one will really make parents think twice before leaving their homes…

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