People Are Sharing the Most “Michael Scott” Things Their Bosses Have Done and We Want to Leave Work to Watch ‘The Office’

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Having Michael Scott from The Office as your boss would be… interesting with a touch of cringe, if we were to imagine working a day at Dunder Mifflin. From Michael’s undeniable sincerity (and oblivion to office etiquette) to his unwavering company loyalty, he really embodied workplace leadership in his own very unique way. 

Recently, people got together on reddit to share the most Michael Scott things their own bosses have done, and they’re making us want to walk out of work to binge The Office for the rest of the day. 

Read on for 11 times bosses proved they were worthy of Michael Scott’s World’s Best Boss mug. 


When he made an employee’s funeral super duper awkward.


When he effectively made this employee Jim Halpert.


When he was upset his employees weren’t sufficiently impressed with him.


When he went through a round of fake fires.


When he brought a Tinder date to watch him get promoted.


When they started their own version of the Dundies.


When he used an egg timer to keep conversations to under five minutes.


When he revealed his undying love for ice cream.


When he’s lowkey gross to women.


When he wanted all the employees to hang out with him.


When they overshare at work.

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