7 Reasons Bella Swan Is a Complete and Utter Virgo

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When Jacob Black tried to make Bella Swan understand why he, a shape-shifter, could never be friends with Edward Cullen, a vampire in Twilight, she had one response: “I’m a Virgo.” 

While it did very little to change Jacob’s mind, it does prove that Bella is the ultimate Virgo. According to astrologists, the sixth sign of the zodiac is known for their perfectionist qualities and attention to detail. 

However, they are also regarded for their generosity and willingness to serve. So, do these traits really describe our favorite fictional heroine? 

Keep reading for all the times Bella was, without a doubt, all Virgo. 


She’s loyal.


Just like most Virgos, Bella is shy.


Bella is analytical and organized.


She loves reading.


She has a strong sense of responsibility.


Virgos can get very depressed.


Bonus: Are Bella and Edward compatible?

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